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Daily Inspection

The Daily Inspection is normally done in the evening to confirm the aircraft service ability for the next flying day.

A Pre Flight Check performed by the pilot should be conducted prior to the first flight of the day. The Daily Inspection is normally completed by maintenance

Further checks are required if the aircraft does not fly for more than seven days. The Daily Inspection is like the Pre Flight Check, but with some additional items,including opening of panels.

Peace of Mind

First flight of day checks are completed by a pilot just before the first flight of the day. These checks include the external and other checks, and are marked with.

Turn around checks are completed by a pilot prior to subsequent flights. A walk around before each flight, checking for obvious leaks, inspection panels and latches for security, and for any obvious aircraft damage and any anomalies that may affect further flight. Specifically, the engine cowling latches and straps must be checked as secure prior to each flight.


HLO will conduct passenger and luggage embarkation and disembarkation.

Pilot in Command will ensure the aircraft is loaded in accordance with the flight manifest, load secured and within weight and balance limitations.

After performing the Altius Flight also has a procedure consisting of a Post Flight (Check B) to check the condition of the aircraft after the flight, this procedure has been stated in the Maintenance Program and has been approved by the DGCA


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